Reparenting With The Tarot: The 9 of Swords

Are you a glutton for distraction? I am. It’s almost mechanic. Here comes the shame. Here comes the frustration. Next comes the confusion… “where did the time go?”

Incoming: 9 of Swords

Spirit Keepers Tarot: Revelation Edition by the prodigious Benebell Wen

Usually, the Nine of Swords brings all of those feelings of shame, confusion and overwhelm right to the surface of our awareness. However, the presentation of this card’s theme by Ms. Wen has transformed the way I feel this card and it is a perfect place to begin a magical blog about Reparenting with the Tarot.

In her guidebook, Ms. Wen Explained that while we may be experiencing those distressing thoughts and feeling the shadow overcoming us, we can look to a higher power to hold our hand through a tunnel of self-destructive thoughts. Specifically, Hecate is used as a mother figure, who is all powerful, to invoke when these troublesome spirits come to call.

Tarot is a tool, a way of holding ourselves accountable, whether we believe in tough love or if we need our hands to be held, The Tarot provides. Our choice to speak with our divine spirit guide(s) as we would, humbled, speak to a saving Grace.

This deck particularly points out, in the 9 of Swords, just how unconditional and sentimental eternal love iwhen we feel ourselves haunted.

Come. Take my hand. I will destroy what needs destroying. I will build what needs to be built. I will give you the courage to stand up again, tears in your eyes, yet determined to live again. This. This is the parent I needed. This is the parent I must be for myself. This is the compassionate guidance I deserve as a human being who makes mistakes and is capable of divine creation.

You deserve such love as well. Give yourself permission to see your salvation; Be parent you needed but may never have had. I guarantee you will not forget. If you do, forgiveness is as eternal as love. You can begin once again.

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Woman, musician, teacher, poet, painter, ordained minister, tarot reader, artist, seamstress. I work for justice & I talk politics and religion at the dinner table.

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