Reviews and Recommendations

As we grow, so too does our impact on the world. If you are trying to decide if a tarot reading from me is the way to go, please check out some other feedback from my precious clientele and share their confidence!

If you would like to leave feedback about your experience with me or of a product I created, please do so here:

Online Feedback Form

Anita took the time to explain every card to me and what it meant. Then, she told me what they meant as a whole. It was a very eye opening experience and I really enjoyed it.

Brooke recommended via facebook 

“The reading was done with compassion. I felt seen. Issues were addressed gently and no stone was left unturned. I learned that I have more organization with business than I realized. This really helped boost my confidence.”

Phoenix recommended via Online feedback form

Love the soil you’re in.

What moves you? What concerns you? What shakes you?

Let me read for you. Let me make a sense-tickler for you.
Let me harvest some Earth gifts for you.
Let me stir your pot.


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