Resilience Apothecary and Justice Lover’s Tarot

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Quick Reading
15 minutes, 3 cards
Esoteric Wisdom Reading
45 minutes, 9 cards
Luminous Esoteric Wisdom Reading
45 minute, 9 cards plus 2 advice cards
Life Purpose & Astrology Divination Reading
1 -1.5 hour, 9 cards and chart reading

Hire Me

I give readings that consistently help my people achieve their goals, understand their purpose, work with their issues and concerns, and fulfill their dreams. I am available for new consultations at this time. (That’s you!) See my contact information below to get in touch or purchase a reading package above and you will hear from me to schedule your reading.

Work With Me

My skills and specialities include tarot card readings, Sun/Moon/Rising and Moon Nodes astro birth chart interpretation, use of MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Personality type testing), non-violent communication and numerology, coaching resilience and experience for survivors of trauma especially childhood sexual abuse, neglect and adverse childhood experiences, self-awareness and how to give yourself the power to harness your trauma by choosing conscious behavior changes to alter your path. For coaching & consultation, please contact:
$85 per hour

About Me

I’m you’re no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is tarot reader. Ask me anything. You are special just as you are, I see you.

I do this work because it thrills my soul. I began reading tarot cards when I was 16 and professionally in 2019. I’m obsessed with helping in magical ways and imprinting upon this planet a wholesome and spiritual vibration that includes kindness, honoring the Earth and leaving it all better than we found it.

I have a masters in social justice, a bachelors of science in anthropology and a bachelors of arts in religious studies. I grew up in poverty and know struggle. I have a huge empathy spiritualism and understanding of others. Let me get to know you.

I’m passionate about my cat, my grandparents, music, magic, equity and liberation for all from oppression.

I also like to grow herbs, food and flowers – I hand-craft magical and practical botanicals as well:

Clients’ privacy is my priority; I honor the code of privacy above all.


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PO Box 185
Saxapahaw, NC 27340

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