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Tarot helps us look within ourselves to understand our emotions, the reasoning behind our words and conduct and the source of our conflicts.

Benebell Wen, author of Spirit Keepers Tarot

General hourly rate: 60$

  • ⚡️Quick Reading – Past, Present, Future ⚡️ $15 ~ 15 minutes, 3 cards ~ Past, Present reflection, Future divination. A quick, general reading to see where you are, where you’ve been and where you could go.
  • Exploring the Present ✨ $45 ~ 45 minutes, 9 cards ~ A general reading for general life questions. Ex: “What is going on in my life right now and how can I approach it with care?”
  • 💫 Exploring the Present w/Mantra 💫 $60 ~ 45-60 minutes, 11 cards ~ GO-TO reading for big decisions, career and love insights, and general life questions. Includes a personalized mantra (words to remember) and chanting charm for you ; I intuit these from the reading. “What direction do I need to go with this *relationship, *career decision, *love problem etc etc?”
  • 🌑 Life Purpose & Astrology Divination 🌕 $125 ~ 1-1.5 hrs ~ 9 cards & chart reading “Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my destiny?” Requires time for preparation – based on your exact time of birth and location. ($250 value) ~ I study your Moon nodes, Sun, Moon & Rising signs, and we will vision into your future, past, life-path, self-development journey according to your destiny cards.
    Your EXACT birth time, date, and city/state information are REQUIRED.
    • (Destiny cards are based on numerology, explaining your Soul, Personality and your Hidden Teacher card (based on the work of Mary K Greer)
  • 🔮 Year Ahead Personal Growth, Money & Relationships Forecast: 🔮 $250 ~ 1.5-2 hours
    • This reading is done using divination tools and an astrological reading. Requires time for preparation: Your EXACT birth time, date, and city/state information are REQUIRED. Can be done any time of the year.
    12 cards representing the 4 seasons of the year and 4 fiscal quarters. The cards are chosen through a a traditional “opening of the key” ritual where the focus of the upcoming theme of the year is seen by the cards in one of the 4 elemental areas:
    • fire/health/wellness/creativity
    • water/emotional development, relationships
    • air/working through conflicts, goals, ideological influences and communications
    • earth/financial focus, material/physical/business/property concerns
    • a 5 point star spread representing you and your four corresponding element themes for the year
    • a power word or mantra for the year intuited from the complete reading
    • Most popular to mark a new beginning such as: the Gregorian New Year and/or any religious new year/renewal celebration (for example, pagans celebrate Samhain (October 31), Winter Solstice and/or the first day of Aries season as beginnings. The Chinese New year is (usually) celebrated in early February.)
    • Your EXACT birth time, date, and city/state information are REQUIRED for this reading.

Monthly Subscriptions, Special Packages or Gifts:

Monthly Single Card Reading Subscription

Monthly Single Card Reading – 10 minutes – This subscription sets you up for a single card pull a month.
This can be your monthly theme to work with or can refer to something specific you want to dig into!

$7.77 Pay now (Square charges .42 cents per month)

Monthly 3 Card and Advice Card reading

Monthly 3 card reading and advice card – 15-20 minutes with me and we will do a 3 card reading based on specific questions you want answered plus an advice card for how best to move through and learn from the issue at hand.
$22.22 Pay now
(Square charges .93 per month)

Initiate Creation Package 🔥Initiate Creation Package – two, 3 card, 15 minute readings per month or over the span of 2 months – Initiate Package $25

Esprit Devotee Package 🧿Esprit Devotee Package – two, 9 card life path readings (we will schedule them at least 3 moon cycles apart). Buy Now: Devotee Package $75

Elder Magician/High Priestess Package 🔮Elder Magician/High Priestess Package – two, 9 card life-path readings with 2 advice cards and mantras
(we will schedule them at least 3 moon cycles apart) Elder Package $100

~ What you receive with your reading: You ALWAYS get to pick your cards, whether we are in-person or virtual. You will also receive a recording mp3 (by request) & a high-quality photo file of your reading. By purchasing a reading or package with me, you agree you’ve read my ethical guidelines.

❤︎ My reading options describe a certain number of cards; this is to start. If we feel that we need more insights, more cards may be drawn. My reading options are set based on time and content, rather than on number of cards. ❤︎

☽🔮I look forward to visioning with you

Hire Me

I give readings that consistently help my dear people achieve their goals, understand their purpose, work with their issues and concerns and fulfill their dreams. I am available for new consultations at this time. (That’s you!) Get in touch!
or purchase a reading package above and you will hear from me to schedule your reading.

🤟🏿I believe in reparations and I will contribute in any way I can. Those who identify as Black, Indigenous people of color or disabled (alter-abled) folx will always receive %50 off of my original price. Email me for the discount code.🤟🏿
💸Also, some may have circumstances which may incline them to request a sliding scale or work trade – this is absolutely available. Email your request and I will work with you.💸

Work With Me

My skills and specialities include tarot card readings, Sun/Moon/Rising and Moon Nodes astro birth chart interpretation, use of MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Personality type testing), non-violent communication and numerology, coaching resilience and experience for survivors of trauma especially childhood sexual abuse, neglect and adverse childhood experiences, self-awareness and how to give yourself the power to harness your trauma by choosing conscious behavior changes to alter your path. For bi-weekly or monthly coaching & consultation, please contact:
$85 per hour

About Me

I’m you’re no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is tarot reader. Ask me anything. You are special just as you are, I see you.

I do this work because it thrills my soul. I began reading tarot cards when I was 16 and professionally in 2019. I’m obsessed with helping in magical ways and imprinting upon this planet a wholesome and spiritual vibration that includes kindness, honoring the Earth and leaving it all better than we found it.

I have a masters in social justice, a bachelors of science in anthropology and a bachelors of arts in religious studies. I grew up in poverty and know struggle. I have a huge empathy spiritualism and understanding of others. Let me get to know you.

I’m passionate about my cat, my grandparents, music, magic, equity and liberation for all from oppression.

I also like to grow herbs, food and flowers – I hand-craft magical and practical botanicals as well:

Clients’ privacy is my priority; I honor the code of privacy above all. See Ethics for my ethical guidelines in tarot (and all my work!).


Get in Touch

PO Box 185
Saxapahaw, NC 27340

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